Brick O’Neal® Small Batch Sea Salt: by ShowShanti

Back in the day 10/5/2012, it seems when I created this concept store called THE drive-thru in Sanlitun SOHO Beijing, China, (more to come). I really was reaching deep into my culinary skills. During my times as a chef before China I, unfortunately, grew tired of cooking for the masses, and in 2007 my untimely death put me out of the kitchen for good.

Why I built bars and shops.  Hate bars. But I am good at it.

THE drive-thru allowed me to venture in other directions that would not only satisfy my taste buds but to also broaden my horizon in creativity at a trade that gets little attention in the glamorous world of celebrity chefs.

I dived into the world of the ancients, the spice trade!  I read the history. I practice the milling. I experimented on other and I educated myself to the point of knowing what mother earth had blessed us with when it comes to any attributes for our food and medical herbs & spices for daily living.

I did up some salts. Flavored salt that is. For all occasions. Cocktails, food, baths.  Its salt and salt is good for the body. If anyone is interested in knowledging themselves about salts, I suggest this book that will help guide your soul:

Salted: A Manifesto on the World’s Most Essential Minerals, with Recipes.  

With that in mind, I now present this read from a dear culinary talented friend of mine; Shanti from ShowShanti! (more to come)  I was honored and graced by her little write up about my salt collection.  Which we, with a big glass of water, sampled each salted grain.

The crisp of Maldon Salt flakes with the finest aroma & follow up flavors. Read more about it here on ShowShanti Small Batch Sea Salts from THE drive-thru.

Thanks, girly!

I’m not down and out yet with my culinary skills.  Keep patient and keep posted.  Something great this way comes!

With that all being said, now don’t get me wrong. There are exceptions.


Here’s what they had to say. (unedited)



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