Brick O’Neal® Roasted Soy Laba Garlic

Brick O’Neal® Roasted Soy Laba Garlic

Brick O’Neal® has been around the food industry for some time. A graduate of  Sullivan University. A private university which ranked #10 in The 30 Best Culinary School by  Appritiship at 610 Magnolia. Only then to build the courage to venture west to Colorado to be a snowboarder and work at one of Breckenridge’s coolest donut shops. Daylight Donuts Breckenridge before heading off to Beijing, China to form 8 years of bars, eateries, and craft beer import establishments.

Laba Garlic is an ancient superfood that brings concentrated nutrition and natural sweetness, with high sodium for the human body. Enjoyed in the Asia cuisine for thousands of years! Laba Garlic is cherished for its attributes for eternal beauty, longevity, and royal elegance.

Brick O’Neal® learned of this pickling method during his time in China. With his continued search for natural health products*and alternative medicine* to self-treat his injuries. Brick O’Neal® has decided to reproduce the process here in the states with USA farm grown and processed organic products.  American farms, American hands.

Brick O’Neal® Roasted Soy Laba Garlic is farm grown by friends at Lost Hills Farm in Schellsburg, PA, and shipping to our custom design micro processing facility in Luray, SC where select bulbs are picked for the 7-day pickling process in a specially selected superior dark soy sauce. After the pickling process is complete. We roast in canola oil at select temperatures for 1 1/2 hours to help the garlic to reach its final stages before packaging.

We can not guarantee that ever clove will look the same, but we can guarantee that ever clove will be soft, savior, and production ready. If there is any Brick O’Neal® product that doesn’t meet your satisfaction. Please contact us.

Recipies: These are some amazing recipes that were found and tested in the kitchen.

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*Brick O’Neal® is not making any medical claims for He is not a licensed doctor. With that being stated, Please think about it. Talk to a properly licensed physician & do your homework before placing “ANYTHING” into your body.


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