BBB: MIT D-Lab: Boston, Massachusetts: 01-17-2017

I am a bike enthusiast. Going back to the days when 2 wheels where my only friend.  Whether it be peddle or moto powered, I spent 3/4ths of my life growing up with the view of handle bars.  I was born to roll. Giving my love for bikes, I grew a fancy to riding bikes in almost every country I have travels to. With such a love for the sport, the love to repair and replace all the damages that I cause to my ride was forced into my existent.

I couldn’t always afford to foot the bill for labor when it came to having someone replace parts or mod my ride. During my life time, my back yard mechanic skills begin to develop to professional levels. I taught myself the valuable skills needed to maintain my numerous rides. In 2013, I was blessed and guided by 2 wonderful individuals whose love for bike made mine look like pony ride.  The one and only Ines Brunn guided my hands and broaden my horizon in the fixed gear scene.

During my times playing in Beijing with my concepts THE drive-thru, & Trouble Bar Beijing. I would found myself on 2 wheels everyday to get through the insanity of the city traffic. FUCK THAT PLACE!  Thought it has made me a fucken champ on the fixie! I was not a sucker for taxi’s, trains, or buses with an option of biking. The best way to navigate through the over populated city streets with the ‘me first’ syndrome folks at the wheel. I was a CHAMP!

As life moved forward, I found myself being attracted to the builds of bike even more so. With the movement to finding a sustainable way to build and enjoy bikes, I came across a little educational facility in the hutongs of Beijing called BBB (Bamboo Bike Beijing). This place was ideal and tickled my fancy from the beginning. BAMBOO BIKE!

It had to be a day when I was out on the company 3-wheel delivery cart.. Drink & driving was the only way to kill time during the long Beijing days. Tour Beijing like a local with a beer in hand. A day came that I found myself heading down the to BBB shop located in the never-ending home dwellings called THE  Hutongs.   This place created, operated, and much much more by a young man who called himself David Wang. He was a sight for my sores eyes.  I though I was the only ‘one man army’ in Beijing during those times.  This place was a tiny tiny work shop space that could surprisingly hold 12 people at one time during bike building session.  I seriously was all in and crazy about the idea of building a bike that the frame was bamboo and adding it to my arsenal of bikes in Trouble Bar!  It was so cool! It was also so sad that some of my bike companions (company who had supplies and stock in my shop) downed the idea because it would affect the sales of their company named bamboo bike frames.   So…  I had no choice but to stand in the middle and admire from afar until one day my wife, who at one point in time was a co-worker with David Wang, got more involved with BBB.    Which gave rise to several occasions to visit the Beijing build studio.  Big smiles on my face each and every time for I like being in those areas.  Those tiny little rooms of design and construction. For this place was advancing.!  People had bamboo bikes everywhere. All over the street!  Amazing!

Fast Forward

January 17, 2017 came and gave me a chance to help assist Bamboo Bike Beijing with a project at MIT D-Lad in Boston, Massachusetts.  What an opportunity for someone like me who has never been to Boston before!  To go up, tour the city, and hang out in the D-lad.  See all the latest shit and designs when it came to eco-projects, drones and others…….  stuff!   Living like a student in the international dorms, and walking about on campus with the though of being  professor kept my pace brisk.

The day came where the wife & I  joined up with BBB and assisted some 15 MIT students with preparations of their bike. It was great to help, with my carpenter knowledge and capabilities to help produce a low-carbon foot print bit of happiness that can be ridden anywhere.  I also took the time to play camera man and do a little film of the event with my bad ass Olympus Stylus TG-Tracker 4k!  Check out the VIDEO that Prima did up for BBB.

This is a neat little program with the desire to achieve greatness in a world of wasted material. Bamboo!  So cool!.  If you are in the area of Beijing, or Boston.  Take the time to sign up and build your own bike!  You will be proud that you did.

Thank you David Wang for an opportunity of a life time. To come play at MIT D-lab.  Big Ups!!!  Anytime you need a hand I’ll be there.

I am personally grateful to my wife Prima li, in being the coolest person I have every met. Taking me to places I have never been!

Catch up on Prima’s view of the MIT D-Lab BBB session!

Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure.!


PS: I didn’t make any friends in Boston. They were too busy hating the President. I also noticed that there were to many “professional” trying to make a name for themselves for all the wrong reasons. All the hate and division that is taught, preached, & practiced in those universities. IT’S ALL BUSINESS…. Boston Uni are a scary place for a neutral non superstition person like myself.   Whatever happen to the good ol Boston that Drop Kick Murphy’s songs were written about.!  The bar rooms heroes have all died.








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