Bars, Restaurants, & Botanical Concoctions

What would life be without a criminal!

A life of Crime. Force by the ways of society! Destine from childhood to accomplishments grave and addictive attributes on a level that only amateurs and mindless wonders can appreciate. !

Welcome to my story! My fight; My life in the restaurant & bar industry worldwide along with my troubled past in the herb & spice industry and my bright new future in Beebop Farm & Sailing.

The Beginning:

Act 1: Sullivan University

Act 2: 610 Magnolia

Act 3: Daylight Donuts

The Middle:

Act 1: THE brick bar: Shuangjing Neighborhood Bar: Beijing, China: 2009-2010: ACT 1

Act 2: THE drive-thru: Beijing, China: 2011-2013: ACT 2

Act 3: Trouble Bar: Beijing, China: 2013-2015: ACT 3

Act 4: (Private): The Lemongrass Lounge

Troubled Past:

Act 1: Brick O’Neal® Small Batch Sea Salt: by ShowShanti

Bright New Future:

Act 1: Brick O’Neal® Black Lava Salt Cured Black Garlic

Act 2: Brick O’Neal® Roasted Soy Laba Garlic (coming soon)

Act 3: Brick O’Neal® Laba Garlic Soy Sauce (coming soon)

Act 4: Brick O’Neal® Red Fang Turmeric Tea Paste (coming soon)

Act 5: Brick O’Neal® Luray Lemongrass Essential Oil (coming soon)

Act 6: Brick O’Neal® Luray Lavender Essential Oil (coming soon)



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