Apitherapy Solutions & Honey Bee Farming

In the low country.


New to you guys, tho it’s been around for thousands of years. Mindful individuals know of its success in relieving a many of elements. Make your appointment today!

Bee Venom Treatment 

~Bee Farming~

We do our best, as beginners, as “hobby farmers”. We don’t farm for honey. We farm the bees themselves. We educate on queening as well as raise queens for purchase. We do not sell nukes. Just too much effort involved. Plus we have plenty of supplies nationwide. We raise bees to help with our crop production. Our flowers.

This, of course, takes time, for there is no one no folks in this community who is incapable helping out and I’ve already got one student in training…

~ Services~

!! We Rescue Honey Bees in the Lowcountry. SC !!

Honey Bee Pollinators & Supplies?

Bee Supplies (coming soon)

Queening (coming soon)



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