Aesop Rock @ Revolution Live: Ft. Lauderdale, FL: July 6, 2016


Ft. Lauderdale July 6, 2016, Aesop Rock show at the Revolution Live was off the hook! A show of an intellectual rap superstar


A cross on my bucket list of hip-hop performers to see. I was happy to have the opportunity to catch him when I was down in Florida at MPT training. The venue was nice and well laid out for the show of this latitude.

Aesop’s artwork and lyrics were introduced to me some time ago. Getting the chance to introduce him and his style to my wife was a joy for us both. What wasn’t a joy to us was one simple issue that we just could escape from no matter how small we made ourselves.

What we didn’t like about this show was the overabundance of creepy fat out-of-control fucked up white girls that show and did nothing but go around and be a bother to everyone else that was obviously paying attention to what this man had to preach.

Bitches be smoking, the guard had to come out of nowhere to force them to stop. Fat bitches be puking on the floor by the bar turning the lovely venue into a topical junk bar.The small time that we spent on the main floor, dance floor, near the back… and for whatever reason these three fat bitches… Drunk, wobbling, found their stupid ass over to my little space just to step on my feet. The nerve of some of these bitches be having fucked up haircuts so that it seemed they were destined to be slapped upside the head if met in a dark alley.

Catch the video of the skit he performed on stage here on YOUTUBE!

FLORIDA !!! You have too many creepy fat white girls with no sense about them what so ever! Totally fucking up your scene!

Seriously! A scary state to try and date.!




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