It’s been so long, I’ve almost forgotten what’s on the b-side of my body. Interesting to think I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of American dollars on art by an amazing artist from around the world, and can’t fucken see it. Got to have either a mirror or iphotos. O well, Lifes a bitch and then you die.


Once upon a time, I was an avid Bjork fan. These days, I believe the young folks call others like that a “fanatic”. But back in the day, I could have just easily been labeled ‘wannabe stalker of a music artist that people really didn’t understand‘.  Björk Guðmundsdóttir  ….    you know!  That weird woman who lays eggs, who smacks the paparazzi at the airport. Her quirky voice at the time of dating various electronic Djs was an inspiration to my still developing music taste. As she was weird, artsy, and from that country called Iceland; my connections with her became physical on various parts of my body.

ALL IS FULL OF LOVE  gets deeper then I care to spend time writing, but the highlights that have always attracted me were not only the music video, nor remixed vision by German IDM duo Funkstörung, but the guy who directed it, who visualized the image Bjork was trying to portray. That man is Chris Cunningham . What a fucken mad man! I remember heading to the Louisville Speed Art Museum for the Chris Cunning / Bjork All is full of Love

So the day came when I found myself with money to burn, and I went to the hottest ink house in town. ACME INK  This would not make my first visit to this staple of Louisville, KY Bardstown Rd community, but my most important because I finally took the step to color. No more simple black ink on thy body.  Going full blast bold red. Thanks, John Furse now owner operator of Five Star for my Louisville ink.

Great shot of Bjork on The Great Wall just north of Beijing, China back in 2008.

Yes….  I know for all the others that don’t give a shit about the meaning of these tatts….  Yes…  It’s a circle of people 69in !!!

Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure.!

The images of the kissing robots are interposed with shots of white fluid washing over robotic parts and the mechanical arms assembling them.


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