Gange River, Varanasi India 01/10/2011


I got a break from working the Brick bar, so a friend of mine and I took out for Nepal & India for a couple month long journey that made Fear & loathing in Vegas look like grandma’s cherry pie. It was a trip that could never be repeated.  No going back for a 2nd run.  It will never repeat itself never ever no matter how hard I want to believe each and every bus ride. Visiting all the places, fighting all the cows. God damn cows! Eating only mimosa drinking only chia, and riding on top of the buses for days is what made India ….. India.  Hooking up with Japanese girls, midnight hitchhiking, drugs, and so much more.

We made it into Varanasi for a few nights.  I believe we came in directly from the Nepal border, which was an adventure in itself, to this towering city along the banks for the Gange River.  Where one can see everything. Trash, dead bodies, shamens, tourist, people swimming, animals bathing.

Colour everywhere!

So much in this country.  So much.  I’m glad I stayed high all the time.  Even months after I departed its borders.

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Just a nights portions of the drugs.  This was minus the pharm little white things!





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