Global Times: We’ll always have Beijing

Sometimes, & from time to time, I would indulge myself by dabbling a bit with the local Beijinger New Papers.  Being a successful foreigner and being married to a Chinese national did create quite a story. The newspapers and other agencies would bombard me when they are pressed to find individuals to tell a story with.

Global Times was always on the ball in the wee hours of the morning... pressing me for a...

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The Agenda Magazine: A Flavor of Beijing

THE drive-thru was an upscale educational venue, hangout, slash storefront. A place to provide not only quality but educate people about quality craft beer, great herbs & spices, but also push bikes!. It was a fun store for the times.

Agenda magazine was a The Beijinger sister company, second mag, spin-off that didn't get too far, but we are happy they took the time to write up about us from time to time...

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