Shannon Wages of East Tattoo Collective: April 18, 2016

During my travels in 2016, I’ve tried my best to meet up with old friends, then try my best to remember to take a photo with them. During of my wife pick ups at the port, I road my TW200 moto into Nashville for a whiskey, song, and dance.

Shannon and I have known each other since our time in Tupelo High School in say..  (1994-95).  During which time we always hang out between classes, watched me get into fights, and talked a lot of shit. Which always seems to resort to some form of trouble for me.

My parents moved out of Tupelo Mississippi and back into Kentucky which resulted in losing time with her till recently. I was delighted to catch up and talk shit at one of the local hotspot eateries in Nashville, Sky Blue Cafe.  Great place if you’re in the area and totally starving. The portions are ginormous.  So much fun, with so much patience being displayed because we both were hungover, and we had so much information to share and not. The Brian Jonestown Massacre, write up soon, was the reason for my hangover, and I believe we left early. Thanks for the food and fun!

Thanks for the food and fun love!

Knowing, seeing, that Shannon has made her way to the tattooist side of life, I have been for years trying to get my ass over and under her gun.  What I need is for her to come visit me and ink me at home.

Stop by East Tattoo Collective on your next visit to Nashville, TN and say hello. Tho I would say that you would need to contact her directly at Shannon Wages for a seat.

She’s getting quite the reputation these days.


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