BHA Certificate of Recognition: ( LIMITED EDITION )


This limited edition of work of art certifies that the contributor will not only benefit from such art hanging on the wall, but shows that the individual, family, or company, has shown outstanding generosity & charity in providing a sustainable haven for honey bees in South Caroline in care of Air Bee & B-line Farm.

500 in stock



In the creation of a safe haven for Honey Bees of the great state of South Caroline, the time has come for everyone to enjoy a bit of our creativity and hard work.

Brick O’Neal & Prima Li present:

This signed creative bit of work! A collaboration between two artists, 史柘 & Brick O’Neal, in one of their few avant-garde works of art.

This sized print (14″ x 11″) of beauty is a must on any wall in the home or office.


We encourage individuals to take advantage of this limited numbered works

Honey Bee Certificate of Recognition

to not only highlight your interest in providing a natural food habitat for the world’s most starved insect, the honey bees; but to help provide a way for us to support our goals in opening Air Bee & B-Line Farm.  A sustainable habitat for our beloved honey bees with bed & breakfast education center.

Air  Bee & B-Line Farm is a sustainable 1 acre habitat for honey bees in South Carolina. A place where we can share our interest in Bee Keeping and Smart Yard Farming to others who are interested in similar efforts but who are not sure if they like Bees! A place to ‘break the ice’ to the age old questions of what, when, where, who, and how honey bees can fit into one’s daily life.  Air  Bee & B-Line Farm is our ambition to create a sustainable seasonal Air BnB style Honey Bee educational center with intentions for others to follow.

We are a small operation in the works, so a minimum amount to be donated is placed upon this art! We humbly ask no less than a 50. USD and no more than your pocket can afford. The sky is the limit!  This may seem like an odd request, but keep in mind you will receive a limited edition, signed, numbered work of art; (not an email) as well as have the ability to arrive in person to visualize first-hand what your contribution has brought to the B-Line Farm garden.  We want to encourage ideas about nature and the future health of the planet.To find out more about Air Bee & B-Line Farm

Thank you for your support.

We encourage everyone in bee keeping and to become a smart yard producer!

–At the present moment we are accepting donations Via Paypal @ (–

Paypal is a secured channel as we are still set up the online part of our project. Please contact us with your mailing address with a notice of your donation to Paypal, and we’ll get the


to you asap.

Feel free to contact us with any Questions.

This is a non-taxable contribution of your care and interest of our dedication to the education and care for our planet. A small tiny grain of sand compared to the beaches of our mentor Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project.

Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure.!

Active member of South Carolina Beekeepers Asscoication












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