BHA session 2: Mini Art Cards (Official SEAL)


You will be receiving one (1) mini art card stamped with our OFFICIAL SEAL of BRICK CONSULTING LLC

The world understands the power in a SEAL.!


100 in stock



Brick Hive Art: presents: 李三岁: The Art   session 2

THE ARTIST: If you haven’t caught up on the info! Hit this LINK to read up about the artist! This one gets the Midas Touch of Approval by Brick. Introducing in the sticker line: 李三岁 Brick REMIX

THE CONCEPT: This is a concept in design to generate support and awareness to anything that provides us with a natural life.  Not your iPhone, nor Starbucks, but Mother earth!  Every 3 months we showcase an inspiring artist from around the world that Brick as personal met. Purchasing this single Mini Hive Art Card will benefit not only our small farm & group of starving artist, but the community as a large.  Designing to help bring back the idea of community from the ground up. Plus this helps spread the gospels of Brick.

PROJECT: Smart Yard Farming Air Bee & B-Line Farm (more to come)

PROCEEDS: Parts will go to fund the future of micro farming and spreading the word. Parts will go to feed the artist. Parts will pay for the sticker! Just a tiny tiny part, about 25 cents goes into my RC fund.

PROGRESSING IT:  Subscribe to Brick portfolio to read about the progress of your proceeds and donations.

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