BHA session 1 Mini Art Cards (Official SEAL)


Each purchaser will receiveone (1) mini art card stamped with our OFFICIAL SEAL of BRICK CONSULTING LLC

The world understands the power in a SEAL.!


100 in stock (can be backordered)



THE ARTIST: If you haven’t caught up on the info! Hit this LINK to read up about the artist! This one gets the Midas Touch of Approval by Brick.

THE CONCEPT: This is a concept in design to generate support and awareness to anything that provides us with a natural life.  Not your iPhone, nor Starbucks, but Mother earth!  Every 3 months we showcase an inspiring artist from around the world that Brick as personal met. Purchasing this Sticker will benefit not only our small farm & group of starving artist but the local community.  Designing to help bring back the idea of community from the ground up. Plus this helps spread the gospels of Brick.

PROJECT: Smart Yard Farming Air Bee & B-Line Farm (more to come)

PROCEEDS: Parts will go to fund the future of micro farming and spreading the word. Parts will go to feed the artist. Parts will pay for the sticker! Just a tiny tiny part, about 25 cents goes into my RC fund.

PROGRESSING IT:  Subscribe to Brick portfolio to read about the progress of your proceeds and donations.

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*for more information or a breakdown of the process. Please contact me.


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