BHA session 1: 16 X 24 Poster


Brick O’Neal has teamed up with to bring product efficiency & effort to a minimum.  Plus online security when making your purchase. Please click on the link provided to order your 16X24 poster.

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Howdy folks.!  We are looking at a new way to save money, product waste, as well as product cost while bringing you some of the freshest & finest quality art on the market.  Brick O’Neal has teamed up with to bring the various artwork that supports us in our goal to make money!  This money will only be used to feed the artist behind such wonderful works, as well as to help support Brick O’Neal in his various projects to save the world.!  Well, to help plant trees and bring light to the Honey Bees.  To find out more information about Brick’s project, click on the links from his main page.

BUY THIS 16X24 poster! CLICK HERE!

Receive 2 Mini Art Cards with your purchase of this sleeveless.

When placing your order. Choose your colour and PLEASE check the size chart provided on page.

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