Federal Aviation Administration Small UAS Certificate of Registration

My drone is registered with the FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration). Safety guidelines are just that.... Safety guidelines.

Here are the guidelines that I have to follow. You as an observer need to read up on your guidelines as well.  Possible jail time for all if we don't. Safety guidelines are just that.... Safety guidelines.

Safety guidelines...

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Brick’s Small Batch Sea Salt by ShowShanti

Back in the day 10/5/2012, it seems when I created this concept store called THE drive-thru in Sanlitun SOHO Beijing, China, (more to come). I really was reaching deep into my culinary skills. During my times as a chef before China I, unfortunately, grew tired of cooking for the masses, and in 2007 my untimely death put me out of the kitchen for good.

Why I built bars and shops.  Hate bars. But I am good...

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