Michael Jordan: Brew Master w/ Dave Bob: Marketing & Sales Guru: Beijing, China

Each year in June, Beijing puts on some weird forms of beer festivals. (Read a little here.)  Selected microbreweries from the mainland China, as well as any international craft brews, are welcomed alongside anything else that is not in glass bottles or Hilter-tized by Carl the Cunt of Great Leap Brewery.  What a Dick!img_2647

Great times only happen in 2.2 days that is of pure public drink till you puke!

Michael Jordan Slam Dunks the operations at Boxing Cat Brew based in Shanghai, China which has now been sold to whoever run Budweiner. Serious a wise decision. Get the hell out of China decision.  Follow Brew Master Michael Jordan on Instagram.

Can catch up a bit about him CNN. Great guy. And if any of you folks make it to Shanghai, ones can call up and do a brewery tour and catch a peek of the amazing hops collection in the walk-in. Some of the best-made brews one the mainland.


“Dave Bob” Gasper is the man. After we sold out THE brick back in the day, the owners were a wise couple and brought in Dave Bob to create the scene and get the place bouncing harder than ever before. He moved up, crafting his skills and is a great friend to have in the pocket! The guru of marketing and sales.

These guys are great, and if one ever makes the time to hang out on the east side of the world, make sure to find these guys! Loads of fun, and booze.!

Little bit of Dave Bob in The Beijinger

One can follow Dave Bob on Instagram.


Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure.!




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