Laura Rountree: Chef of The Table

The chef at The Table in Lousiville, Ky.

I have had the honors of watching this woman grow and work her way up the ranks in the kitchen which has placed her into a wonderful position.  Not only at a restaurant, but a restaurant that has an interesting concept for helping the community while keeping the food prices far.

Laura and I got some history. Playing in the park with friends, getting drunk around Louisville, going to the Mag bar on late nights, and paying money to see Dave Chappelle which turned out to be a 10-minute fame to shame for the man. Laura also took the time to come visit me in Beijing, China back in 2009 when she was hanging out in Japan. Great times and always good memories.

We would work mad hours in the heat deep frying fish at the Irish Rover. Hangout for dinner at her parents home, and just simple smoke down for the cause.

Love this girl and happy to see life is working well.img_0663

Update: Laure has now become supreme in the culinary world by appearing on the Food Network Diner, Drive-in, & Dives

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