Stratosphere Las Vegas: SKY JUMP 2016


So it just so happened that I ended up in Las Vegas this Spring and there was no way that i was leaving this town without jumping off a building.  That was it. That was the soul reason for the Vegas trip. Beside staying and enjoying lunch at the Trump Hotel.  Stratosphere Las Vegas SKY JUMP was the first object that pierced the horizon as we drove into Vegas at dinner time! After a long drive from Moad, it was an evening that was about to end with me jumping off a building.

So the beauty of it all was that at the end of ones jump, they awarded the brave soul with a: Sky Jump Las Vegas

Read about it!

Click on the link below to catch a view of what it is like to jump off this building. I did not record this video.  Doing know who the hell is in it, but he jumps so well. For the reason of this video, demonstrated the evening, and atmosphere of jumping.  Enjoy this clip from YOUTUBE!

One can forward past the first 1.15 minutes or more.

Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure!



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