Ines Brunn: Natooke Bikes Founder

Ines Brunn founder of Natooke Beijing, China.  Is the most inspiring German woman I’ve ever met! Not only sexy but a fucken rocket scientist under all that bikini! On a bike..!?  There was a moment when Champagne & Neon collaborated to form a duo of enjoyably smooth titanium that only time, space, and bike parts will remember…….. and a few photos.   What moments! This woman knows her bikes!

Can follow Ines on her journey on Instagram @ INESBIKE.

2013-06-09-12-53-49THE drive-thru, Trouble Bar Beijing were an interesting concept of space. Part bar, part full-service bike repair, and sales.  Natooke bike parts and their name brand line of accessories were decorated, displayed and sold in a social atmosphere that also catered to craft beer patrons. What a wonderful pair. Craft beers & Natooke bikes.  Ines and her company held bike rides and social gatherings at the bar.  Ines could always steal the show with her outstanding handstands.

ines& brick

I sweat so much on a hot Beijing day pushing hard on a fixie. Ines always at her best!


This woman is always upside down!

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