Brick Hive Art: presents 史柘: session 1

I’ve started to use Lofter last year and the outlook is simple & fine for now.
So, here we go:
史柘 Sharon
Can follow Sharon on INSTAGRAM.
A little about me:
Been naturally good at science subjects during my school time, my art sense was ‘oppressed’ — In China, back in my days, art was only for students who could not get good scores in science classes. So it had never occurred to be my option. It is only during my Ph.D. degree pursuit in National University of Singapore that I started to img_9195img_7777have my own time and space to contemplate who I am with the help of drawing.
My career path has not been quite aligned to what’s expected for a Ph.D. in computational biology. I worked & traveled with a professional cycling team for 2 years, got my foot into Specialty coffee industry for a year and then into project management for a sports brand’s China project. Now I’m managing coaching practice of a boutique consulting company for leadership development.
However, regardless all the career changes, only one thing stays and grows stronger during all these years – my passion for art, particularly for drawing.
It has now become the way I express my interpretation of life. I bring a sketch notebook everywhere I go and draw wherever and whenever I can. Most my off-work time is also spent on drawing or studying of it.
Many people have inspired, encouraged and supported me to come to where I am now, and I feel truly blessed to be able to embark my art journey.
I cannot wait to explore as the journey unravels.

Thanks, Brick 🙂


Sharon is one of the most creative females I have ever come across! Truly this woman has it all. Climber, biker, intellectual conversations and the ability to doodle! There is many an artist out there in the world claiming they ‘re an artist. Though all one will ever see is the paintings on the wall that try to fetch a dollar. The true artist finds the time in any corner in any location and buckle down on some form of vessel and visualize what is giving them inspiration in the moment.

This is Sharon. A beer drinker, a thought provoker, a doodler!

Sharon has been a wonderful patron of Trouble Bar. Joining in on Bike & Brew rides, bringing loads of friends on New Years, to hosting Drink & Draw. I commissioned Sharon to do a couple designs for the Trouble Bar T-Shirts, and interestingly enough, I am just now getting to printing up LIMITED EDITIONS!


Brick Consulting LLC is officially open for business and is celebrating with ART! Each quarter year BC. LLC. Will be promoting an artist that tickles Bricks fancy. A limited number of printed material will be given away and encouraged individuals to place these forms of art in public places, given to the right people, or wore during sex.

THAT”S RIGHT! YOU can have this art near your person.img_1573

(No gimmicks, no bullshit! We only ask for a photo to be taken of the artistic material in your placement. With that, you consent to the posting of any photo on the for promotional purposes)

You can be living worldwide, and Brick Consulting LLC will mail you your stickers and card and enter your name for a chance to win one of the LIMITED PRINT T-SHIRT!


Check out the shop for a collector’s piece or your next weekend adventure.!






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