Hanging Temples Datong, Shanxi Province, China 2010

It was an all day tour on these Chinese made 200cc enduro  moto bikes.  The wife and I on one, my bro on the other. I have no idea who had the bright idea to drive bikes to Datong to see the hanging temples, but it sounded good and off we went without a second doubt. Datong is located North West of Beijing about 3 hours drive if no traffic. Buuuuuut, it’s china, so traffic can make it 5-6 hours and sometimes 16 days. …..

Almost 10 hours later, numerous stop, volcanos, and bug. We arrived at the spot only too late to be allowed in the park. So we pulled back to the nearby town and found a room for the night.

Early the next day, we got up, got packed, got high, and we parted for the Hanging Temples.

What an amazing human accomplishment. Seriously heavenly experiences and for whatever reason, that will never be reviled to us.

Have a look at this video on YOUTUBE! It’s a nice presentation, but the music can get to you after a moment.


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