Dealers Deal: Rishikesh, India

No matter where one travels throughout life, one always needs his connections.  As it so ended up that I woke up from a pill coma sleep-a-thon on a bus ride north to the great city of Rishikesh, India. Our bus driver drove like the devil! Reminds me of myself on occasions.  Catch up on that story  The Road to Rishikesh, India to understand how this day started out right.


Being that I was a zzzzzoooooooombie, I could only think of a few important necessities.  1.Water  2.Smoke.

Smoke refill was a top priority for we had already finished our bath in the river Gange and were full of water!

Once we stumbled out of the river it didn’t take long till I found my shaman dude.

I held up my empty plastic bag in one hand and a fist full of rupee in the other.

He knew what his job was, he’s be praying to his God for the past 48 hours and could foresee his future.

So we did a few poses together, exchanged some numbers, and filled each other’s bags up with green! We build a strong relationship that I’m sure carries today. I made some good friends in this town that I’m sure that are there to this day We had a great future together for the months to come.

I have never figured out why my shirt was off, or even if started that day with one on….! Just try to fit in. Travel like the locals!DSC00537

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