Daylight Donuts Breckenridge, CO 2005-present

This place is always in my heart and mind no matter where I end up in time and place. It all started back in 2005 with answering an add in the Summit Daily by walking through the front door and got with a Mohawk and hired on the spot by Richard as they were looking for a night-time donuts maker. Life at that moment changed, matured, materialized, and created plenty of Long Island Ice Tea memories from the Blue River Bistro next door.  full-11Richard Snider, owner of the establishment for some time now was one of the best people I have ever met in my worldly travels. Marisa and Richard were there during my time of need, and I am forever grateful. Mike! That damned old cook. Still built like a brick shit house, and will outlive us all!  LONG LIKE MIKE!

img_1376The Daily Summit did a write up of DD back in 2006. Great write-up. Richards mom did the framework, and we hung this unit on the wall heading out the back door.  Somewhere amongst the words, I got a decorative mention of the ‘speckled tattooed cook YELLING!’ haha

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To me, it’s funny that they have a photo of me all high and might on the wall just a little above Kramer’s head. Hey!  At the time, I didn’t see a difference. Thankful for the Richard and the crew at DD for giving me an eternal placement on the wall of fame.


Marisa Knoxs, my external sunshine! My drinking buddy, my ski partner, my lifetime sis!  Thank you!

Any future employer: Contact Richard Snider of Daylight Donuts Breckenridge, Co @ (970) 453-2548

full-9This is not a photo of Richard on the lift at Loveland on a powder day.!


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