Corrosion Of Conformity @ Chicago Open Air: Chicago Ill: June 17, 2016

Went to the Chicago Open Air Festival at Toyota Field which had a great line-up of old and new metal bands. June 17, 2016. Corrosion Of Conformity did a performance on the outside stage and it was great!

Getting to see these guys do it live was on my bucket list.  I missed the chance to see them perform when COC rolled through Denver, CO with Motörhead some ten years earlier.  Sadly they only gave these guys 30 minutes to get on stage and do their thing.  And do their thing is what happened, for they knew what us old timers in the crowd wanted.  Songs from Deliverance. !  Extended versions.  So worth the trip.

The best part about their set was there were no fucktards crowd surfers.  Get a fucken life, you people! I am not one who wants anyone above me, forced to touch their sweaty stinky ass as they move towards the stage! Boot in the head. Then only to be grabbed by security and told to go to the back to the end of the pit with all the other fucktards. Crowd surfing is stupid.

Catch the song that got me hooked here on YOUTUBE!


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