Chemical Brothers @ Fillmore Auditorium: Denver, CO: September 26, 2007

When I lived in Breckenridge, CO., working at Daylight Donuts I made it my point to do the opposite of most folks for that region, time, etc. Such as when it was the weekend, the flat lander of Denver would pack their gear, group together as individual people driving individual SUV and make the 1.5-hour migration through one of the most thrilling tarmac drives I’ve ever experienced leading into Summit County for a fun breath-taking weekend. One of the pros for living in Denver, CO.  Amazing city

I, on the other hand, would make my way down into the city for some bright lights looking for action, with a fancy dinner, smoke, and ass; which is now empty.   OOOOh that empty Denver feeling.  Denver back in that day in time for me was what stuff, what dreams were made up. Perfect! Craft this, craft that!. Art Central here, art central there and weed was still ILLEGAL.  I have my pros and cons on all that, but that is a story for a different time.

Fillmore Auditorium was a great midsize venue that hosted various acts during my time. Chemical Brothers, (fill in the blank), (fill in the blank). Basic and plan I always felt, but the acoustics were precise. None the less, when it came time to jam, everyone jammed!


I bought these tickets know that one of my favorite mid-American bands of the time would be opening for this techno duo Chemical Brothers. Which at the time I thought was odd, and know as I believe I have formed a conclusion after some homework and not finding a damn thing regarding The Faint ever opening other than a few miscues blogs entries. Wish I could find my ticket stub.

“Chemical Brothers, Sept. 26, Fillmore Auditorium – One of electronic music’s top draws in the 1990s, the Chemical Brothers are still at it, touring with indie faves The Faint.“- TIME-CALL

Seems to have been some cancellations around Sept 26,07 and The Faint was a last minute decision which worked out in our favor.  Who would not want to see The Faint live in action before the main show came on and blew us to space.

Chemical Brothers were just that. Electric charged liquid tones that bobbed and swayed the crowd into a trance. Bright lights, fast paced music, with a tightly packed crowd which gave no room to those damn oddball techno dancers.

I’m happy someone had one of those none iPhone electronic devices to videotape the 13 minutes.!

Catch 13 minutes of the show here on YOUTUBE.

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