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It’s just a job man!  We want to have fun with it.

With the knowledge that spans many lifetimes, Brick Consulting LLC  is proud to now be available worldwide to anyone that is in need of a higher placement in life. Years of experiences and data collecting throughout a large range of productive enterprises, experiments, projects. Our worldwide interpretations and ambitions give us a step forward in proposing ideas that will benefit the future of a wide verity of individuals.

Brick Consulting LLC is geared to providing information, knowledge, and concrete results in the form of ‘life consulting’.  Be it in a way to simply organizing one’s daily routines or to constructing long terms life goals*. Be all you can be with the help of Brick Consulting LLC


All ages are welcome to learn how to become a more sustainable person.  The pathways we create should promote prominent behavior and means for the healthy future. Ones must take care of one’s self before ones can take care of others. The end goal is one. We are all one, we are all in need of a little care.

Check out the links below for ideas, and concepts that may interest you.

Bar, Resturant, & Botanical Concoctions

International Buddy Guide

Smart Yard Gardening Solutions

Shipping Container Home Solutions

Honey Bee Farming & Apitherapy Solutions

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It’s just a job man!  We want to have fun with it.


Brick O’Neal cleaning up the community. Adopt-A- Highway Program

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