BULLY a film by Larry Clark the director of KIDS.

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I know that I must have watched this movie before making any action. Finding out that it was close to Marty’s birthday, March 21. I took it upon myself to get him a Pickle shaped B-day card, and have various people to sign it.  That seem to be delightful and sparked a few letters between us over a couple of years.  I’ve never been much of a writer, pen pal, but happy that I exchange a few letters in the past. Between the dates of ?? -03 and ??-05.

I recently wrote a letter to Marty earlier 2016.  No response.  Looks like I’ll have to try again with a different address.  I am curious about him these days.

This post to dedicated to the moments in life with Martin Joseph Puccio Jr.


I will be posting the envelopes, handwritten letters, & typed form.  My only though, is that I had copies of the letters and cards that I sent to him.  Just wasn’t that digital in those days.

Find those Marty LETTERS HERE.

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