Letter from Marty 2-4-05


Ryan,                                                                                                                           2-4-05

What’s up bro? How are things going with you? I pray that you are well and blessed.

Thank you for your letter. It was good hearing from you again. I’m happy to hear about your move.

My cousins moved to Colorado awhile back. I think they moved around Vail or somewhere like that. I don’t know how close you are to Vail. I think they were working on a ski resort of something. That was in the mid 90’s though. I don’t know what they’re doing now.

It’s great that you’re getting to snowboard as much as you want. Are you good on the half-pipe? That was my specialty on a skateboard.

I had snowboarded for a couple months when I took on an extended vacation to upstate new your, but I had a cheese plastic board. It sucked. Plus, there were no half-pipes. We tried to make one at a gold course, but I had to jump like crazy to get a foot of air.

( find the page 2) back page needs to be scanned.

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